Exercise and Natural Hair

7 day hair after run with Donna Marie CG

UPDATE – 9/12

I changed my regimen a little since I do more wash n gos and not so many puffs.  I use Donna Marie’s Curling Gelly on my hair and exercise in a headband to catch most of the sweat.  I’m training for a 1/2 marathon so my runs can be long.  When

I’m done, I spritz my hair with water and if I feel my scalp needs it, put some oil on my scalp with an applicator bottle.  I then put a quarter size about of Donna Marie’s Super Buttercreme to hold in the moisture.  This regimen allows me to have nice defined 7 day wash n gos.  I also work out in the morning so I do this and head into the office (which is downstairs but I could leave the house with the look if I needed to).



If you’ve read my story you know that I love to work out.  However, for the last 15 years, my hair has always been an issue.  As a young girl growing up with a relaxer, water and moisture was the enemy to my hair.  As a result, there are countless times when I forwent a workout because I’d just come home from the beauty salon.

One of the reasons for me wanting to go natural was the number of naturals I saw working out with no issue.


I work out 5-6x a week. STRENUOUSLY.  Which means I sweat a ton.  My hair currently stretched is just under my chin.  I use a aloe based gel to define my curls and workout with no issue.  I know this may seem to good to be true to some so I’ll take a before and after picture of my workout hair and post.  I put a headband on the front (I sweat so it prevents sweat from dripping in my eyes) and go for either my 5 mile run, my step or spin class.  When I finish, I have a water bottle in my gym bag.  I spritz my scalp with it, put some Jane Carter Deep Conditioner on my edges, and tie it down with a black satin scarf.  I put a butter based leave in on my actual curls, take my shower and I’m out the door (I take my scarf off after about 15 minutes when my front is straight again).

After a 5 mile run

After a 5 mile run

Curl definition on Day 2 hair after exercise

There you have it.  Easy breezy.

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